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Max Fisher 06.02.2022 email homepage This website is great, good luck on your wrapper collection!
Van de Vondervoort 04.06.2021 email Beste medewerkers, is het mogelijkheid om de White Crips chocola te bestellen graag had die graag willen bestellen bij jullie en is maar steeds minder te vinden in de winkels,
Met vriendelijke groeten Theo van de vondervoort Breda Nederland.
Kia 22.12.2020 email Hey. I found your site completely by accident, trying to find one specific chocolate thats no longer in production. I was looking for the wrapper for a very long time, google images would give me results of various unrelated chocolate wrappers, so I started to doubt, maybe my childood memory tricked me but there it was... One image at the very back in the corner - the picture of the wrapper before my eyes.
So just wanted to thank you for what you do, its really cool. Helps keep some sweet memories alive. Your site definitely is a gem. :)
Liza 24.08.2020 email Hi!
I am engaged in the supply of products in Russia. I work in Kaliningrad and I want to find suppliers of confectionery products from Poland. Can someone give me the contacts of suppliers I can cooperate with.
Baqar Sayed 10.06.2020 email Hello,
Please can someone guide me with chocolate factories or manufacturers who can produce Chocolates for me in bulk quantity under my brand name.
Highly appreciate if someone could assist me.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Aish 07.11.2017 email Thank you for the knowledge its updated and insightful.
Anssi 07.07.2016 email Wonderful site ! You spend lot of time keep this site a correct fit. You are my hero.
Pharmb260 08.01.2016 email Very nice site!
Smithe903 07.01.2016 email homepage I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.
Nick Desmond 07.06.2015 email homepage We are interested on chocolate and biscuits from russia and will appreciate you to send list of manufacturers for us to contact them directly.
Andrey SF 17.04.2015 email homepage Hello from RUSSIA
Good site! Good collection!
I offer you an exchange...
costeleanu 03.02.2015 email where do I find lucky chocolate from china
Nea 17.07.2014 email Hieno sivusto
Elah Village 01.03.2014 email Hi My NAME is Elah.

Where can I get some of this Candy ?

gisela roberts 03.02.2014 email hallo team,
meine frage ist,sie stellen die choceur schokolade fuer aldi her,unter anderem kaffe-sahne, wunderbar, ich lebe in england, bekomme alle sorten bei aldi nur nicht meine lieblingsschokolade, die wird nicht gefuehrt. wie komme ich daran??hoffe auf ihre antwort, danke
Irene 15.12.2013 email Hello, would you like to receive chocolate bar wrappers from Canada.
kofi Atsi-Mensah 08.12.2013 email will want to supply factories with powdered cocoa from Ghana
Natalja 06.11.2013 email homepage Hello I know English is bad, so sorry for the ignorance. I live in Ukraine, has a collection of 90's about 200 pieces, both Ukrainian and foreign wrappers. You want to buy, or just replace?
Mary Rhodes 25.09.2013 email I need to buy the Oscar Chocolates with
Greek Gods Wrappers in the 20 to the package. I need 2 packages of milk chocolate to give to students studying Greek history and culture in Middle school. I will present information on this in October. I need them by October 17th. Any way to have them sent via FedEx or other quick parcel mover. Please help with info. I'll send more info when I hear from you. Thank you,Mary Rhodes
fiona doyle 21.01.2013 email hi i was just wondering if it was rowntrees that made the chocolate two and two ,, i remember it from my childhood
Sergio Bartolucci 12.01.2013 email Hi. I'm Sergio from Chile and I have some chocolate wrappers to offer. I'd like to exchange them for phonecards. If you're interested please email me. Regards!
Sandra 05.01.2013 email Hello. I have Item No. E710 Piano which plays "Papa won't you dance with me" It had Sonate Assorted Chocolates in it. Mfg by Leonard Monheim Aachen Germany--can anyone tell me something about this item?
Sof 21.12.2012 Hello. I'm starting a collection of chocolate wrappers and I'd like to know where/how do you keep them... Thanks
ian 05.11.2012 email Iswap chocolate wrappers for airline sugar
Victor 30.09.2012 email Hello! I have many chocolate etiketes. I want here on the beer labels. My adress -
Harish Shah 24.07.2012 email Dear Sir,
I am Harish From India.While Searching On Net I Look Up to your company Site .And I feel Good There.Become I like to Start New Chocolate Business In India. I like To Get Some Idea And Partnership In India With Your Company.,Here is Also Good Market Of it .,

If You Like to Think on it or any thought for it Please Feel Free to Tell Me.,
Thanking You
Harish Shah
javed syed 02.07.2012 email i have more than 4000 wrappers for exchange
javed syed 02.07.2012 email Dear sir

If u interested for exchange wrapper u can send me
on mail address
when i received your mail i will send your wrappers from my side, and
i promise u, i will send wrappers more than you. you can send me any
branded choco and candy wrappers, if your Any special request from INDIAN BRAND
please tell me.

Thanks & Regards

javed zeaullah syed

B/301 sana apartment
Poonam sagar complex
Mira road, Thane, postal pin cord 401107
maharastra mumbai
mobile +91-9004713433
Mihailo Vukićević 24.06.2012 email Hello,
I have several ex Yugoslavian chocolade wrappers.
If anyone is interested e-mail me at
Misa from Belgrade, Serbia
javed z syed 09.06.2012 email dear sir, really i m impresed. You have wonderfull
collaction of choclated, i have also collaction and i want some exchange, but how to exchange?
I m from mumbai india i have toomuch wrapper for exchange, please reply to sussec.
Thanks & regards
muumbai India.
adnan 08.06.2012 email Can you give us prices of chocolate nussknacker
Sarah 26.05.2012 email Kia Ora,
I'm from New Zealand, Down Under :) I just thought Id mention that I love what you're doing, collecting wrappers, as I do the same. Long live chocolate!
Maged Khaled 13.05.2012 email I am Egyptian grand father. My grand children want to visit a chocolate factory. I would apreciate if you aloow us to visit your factory. Please answer me by e.mail or on my mobile :
0122 - 311 2687
Claudio 23.04.2012 email homepage Ola,
Sou colecionador de embalagens do Brasil e gostaria de trocar com você,quais tamanhos e formatos te interessa.
Stefan 15.02.2012 email homepage Good Chocolate good water.
Milos Pelant 11.02.2012 email homepage Good day,
my name is Miloš Pelant. My hobby is collecting chocolate wrappers.
I would like to exchange chocolate wrappers. I have prepared
at home for the exchange of more than 2000 wrappers.
I can send photos with chocolate wrappers to exchange.
Another wrappers to exchange are at my web-site:

I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Milos Pelant, Czech rep.
Johan Eriksson 30.01.2012 homepage Nice site
lia 08.01.2012 email homepage u have any chocolate wrappers from indonesia? if u want...i can help u. tks
Lisa M Juhler 23.11.2011 email Hej
Jeg kontakter dem pga. at jeg har fundet en strips inde i jeres produkt.. det satte fast i selv chokoladepladen jeg opdagede det først da jeg forsøgte at hakke chokoladen i mindre stykker for at bruge det til min hjemmelavet is .... Jeg skriver til dem fordi jeg mener at der skal mere kontrol til så den slaks ikke sker igen, håber I forstår min frygt, en af mine døtre kunne have været kvalt i en sådan plastik strips :(
Håber at høre fra dem .
Lisa Juhler Danmark
Anuradha Gupta 22.10.2011 email I am a lday collector of chocolate wrappers from India. Would love to send you Indian ones in exchange of other countries that I am needing. Please send me an email. Thanks and regards !
Avto 06.10.2011 homepage Nice site.
Jovita 30.09.2011 email Hello,

Milk bar Olympia is disgusting...
Javed z syed 24.09.2011 email Wowwwwwwwwww, great job Dear,
really i m impressed for your collation, i m also collating chocolate wrappers and i have some wrapper for exchange if u interested please tall me, how? can exchange, i m from Mumbai India.

Thanks & Regards

Mateusz Wesołowski 25.08.2011 email homepage Hi, great site. I invite you to look at my collection Regards, Mateusz
Ingrid 29.07.2011 email Imagine my surprise to see that someone collects chocowrappers. Even the one with my name on it: Kehlet. I still have some in my freezer, chocolate and all.
Petra De Groot 30.12.2010 email Hi, My name is Petra, I am from Belgium, thé chocolate country, isn't It. Also I am a master in Slavonic languages and I work with Russian people. They have these really stunning beautiful chocolate wrappers. I could I suppose trade some of them, if interested. It's a pity that for us Belgians the taste of the chocolate isn't really that good. If adapted to out taste I would for sure start a shop with Belgian chocolate wrapped up in Russian chocolate wrappers. Any thoughts, ideas, reactions? Very kind regards, Petra
Chocoholic 18.11.2010 email homepage What a great source of Pictures for online stores here! BRAVO!
helps keep the cost of buying, selling, and eating down! :)

love the KRAS dorina chocoalte pictureset!
Claudia 27.09.2010 email Congratulations for your initiative, it's very nice to keep this kind of memory. I had a huge collection of chocolate wrappers when I was a teenager in the beggining of the 90's. Now I blame myself everyday for having thrown it away.
kuldeep singh 21.09.2010 email i love choclates
rob wolterse 12.09.2010 email homepage Now for sale in The Netherlands: Kalev chocolates
Олеся 16.08.2010 email Привет, Мария! Это снова я, если захочешь вновь совершить обмен, напиши мне.
ronnie jackson 28.07.2010 email can you help me, i bought caxton chocolate in the early 5os i always thought it was made in devon is it still made and you show me a photo of the orignal wrapper yours ronnie jackson
kamyab 22.04.2010 email tanks fo web site
ian 14.03.2010 email Hi I am an airline sugar collector from england and can help your collection out if you have any airline sugar.
Vaspo 13.03.2010 email Папе нравится :-)
Luiz Gustavo 31.01.2010 email Hi! I am a beer crowncaps collector from Brazil, and I can offer chocolate wrappers on trades... Mail me if you are interested! Regards!!
omodara-adelabu vincent 17.11.2009 email Good-day sir, i travel down to Belgium from my country (Nigeria) and i got this your product for my children,and i tasted it very good, and i go through your wed sit, and i find out you do not have it in my country, so i want t use this opportunity to ask what it takes to be your distributor in country, or can you come and open a factory in my country?, please, am expecting your reply as soon as possible.
Vincannie Nig Ltd
Олеся 03.03.2009 email Здравствуйте!
Я хотела бы обменяться с Вами шоколадными обертками. К сожалению не получается отправить вам e-mail...
Mercedies 25.01.2009 email Hi, I am from Canada and am looking for people to exchange chocolate bar wrappers with. Please contact me if you have any to trade.
Kinga 30.09.2008 email homepage Here is my website.You can find here the wrappers what are doubles.Please put my link here.
M. Islam 30.08.2008 email Hello,
I am offering , Chocolate wrappers & many other collectible Item from my country and other countries. If anybody interested, please mail me.
E-mail < >
M. Islam
Roman 25.06.2008 email homepage Hello!
Excuse me - I do not know English - using an interpreter from the Internet - so poor translation.
I am willing to further exchanges with chocolade packaging.
I have to be exchanged Polish packaging - wedel, wawel, goplana and others.
I collect only 100 gram, but I also exchange> 100 gram
Roman Buchala
inoli 31.05.2008 email Хороший сайт. Коллекция хорошая!
PK 27.05.2008 mailbox vremenami smotri, OK :)
Roberto 25.05.2008 email I am a collector of chewing gum wrappers from Chile. I am interested in exchange, I can send chocolate wrappers from Chile for the chewing gum wrappers from your country. Thanks
Олька 14.03.2007 Привет)) классная коллекция! Ты молодец!!
anuradha 11.03.2007 email saw this site while surfing.wonderful work done!but why INDIA is not there in your list.I am ready to send wrappers from my country.Simly drop me a line.HAPPY COLLECTING!
Annett 04.03.2007 homepage Hallo, ich gratuliere Dir zu dieser schönen Homepage. Ich würde mich über einen Blick auf meiner Homepage sehr freuen. Vielleicht kommen wir mal in Kontakt!

Hello, I congratulates to you too these beautiful homepage. I would be pleased about a view of my homepage much. Perhaps we come times into contact! Annett from Germany greets
grüßt Annett aus Deutschland
(I do not speak English)
Хэш 18.01.2007 Морозоустойчивый сайт :)
куплю фантики, этикетки от одеколона, тюбики от зубных паст и бидоны. много.
тел. 03
SiriuS 29.12.2006 New design's great! :)
Artas 12.11.2006 email Продам редкие вкладыши от шоколада, 1964 года
ICQ: 251-267-706
SiriuS 03.12.2005 Great job, Mau, keep on collectin'! ;)
Respect also goes to Moroz :)
Alex 19.11.2005 email Hey guy,
I like that site.I've no idea that someone can collecting wraps.
Good luck,
Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Belarus Belgium Brasil Bulgaria Canada Channel Islands Chile China Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Moldova Netherlands, the New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Turkey Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Unknown USA Uzbekistan Yugoslavia